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City Hall Guest Sign in Form

  1. Do you have an appointment?

  2. Do you have your bill/ticket with you?

  3. Assessment Related Questions

    BY PHONE: 716.851.5733 *NOTE: When Prompted, Select OPTION 1 BY EMAIL: BY FAX: 716.851.5730

  4. City Clerk

    The City Clerk's office is appointment only. Tell applicant to please call 716-851-5413 to schedule an appointment. If they already have an appointment, call XXX-XXXX to inform the Clerk's office that their appointment has arrived.

  5. Does not have bill/ticket with them

    Need list of where to go to print bill/tickets.

  6. Driver's Licenses

    Driver's Licenses are not issued at City Hall. Please visit the Erie County Clerk's website to schedule an appointment

  7. Impounded Vehicles

    BUFFALO IMPOUND LOT Address: 166 Dart Street Buffalo, NY 14213 Office Hours: Phone: 8:00 AM – 3:00PM 716.851.5369

  8. Observation Deck

    The Observation is closed indefinitely. No visitors allowed unless they have official business to conduct

  9. Real Property Exemptions

    BY PHONE: 716.851.5733 *NOTE: When Prompted, Select OPTION 3 BY EMAIL: BY FAX: 716.851.5730

  10. Tax Related Questions

    BY PHONE: 716.851.5733 *NOTE: When Prompted, Select OPTION 2 BY EMAIL: BY FAX: 716.851.5757

  11. Traffic Violations Agency

    To pay a fine online visit In-person appearances are by appointment only. If you cannot resolve your matter by mail or email, please Schedule an Appointment by visiting or calling 716.851.5487.

  12. Water Bill

    Address: 281 Exchange Street Buffalo, NY 14204. Office Hours: 8:30AM - 4:00PM. Phone: 716.847.1065. Notes: Customers will also be asked to bring a copy of any bill that they will be paying with them to the Exchange Street location

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