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Sign up for a Buffalo Traffic Violations Ticket Payment Plan


    You may be eligible for a payment plan for most suspension termination fees, other fees, fines, and surcharges you owe for traffic tickets if:

    * You pleaded guilty to a traffic violation or a reduced plea, or

    * You have been found guilty at Traffic Court, or

    * You have been default convicted.

    All payment plans are $25 per month. You may pay more than the monthly payment or pay in full at any time.

    Use this form only if you have received a traffic ticket in the City of Buffalo that is returnable to the Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency.

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  3. In order to expedite your request, please include a ticket number (view a sample ticket). Your payment plan will include any and all Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency traffic tickets you owe. Do not submit more than one application if you have multiple tickets.

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    False statements made herein are punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor pursuant to section 210.45 of the penal law of the state of New York.

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