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American Rescue Plan

  1. American Rescue Plan Preliminary Draft Comments
  2. Buffalo Transformation Fund Survey
  3. Submit a Question

    The City of Buffalo will be seeking applicants for several projects under the American Rescue Plan during Spring 2022. If you have... More…

  1. ARP Project Funding Application
  2. Sign Up for ARP Funding Opportunity Notifications


  1. Sign up for a Buffalo Traffic Violations Ticket Payment Plan

    revised 10/6/2021: removed income requirement; one application for all cases

Buffalo Landlord Engagement: Session #2 - Interfacing with DPIS and Fair Housing

  1. Buffalo Landlord Engagement: Session #2 - Interfacing with DPIS and Fair Housing Pre-Survey

    Thank you for registering to attend the City of Buffalo's Landlord Tenant Engagement Series: Session #2 Interfacing with the Department... More…

Buffalo PAUSE

  1. #BuffaloPAUSE Contest Eligibility Form

    Congratulations! Your submission has been selected as one of this week's contest winners. Please complete this form to verify your... More…

Buffalo Tele-engage Meeting Request Form

  1. Tele-engage Meeting Request Form

    Community leaders can request city hall representatives from specific departments at their group meetings by submitting this request... More…

COVID-19 In Memoriam

  1. In Memoriam

    Honoring those who lost their lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Office of Communications

  1. Creative Request Form

    Note: A kickoff meeting with stakeholders is required for large, elaborate pre-approved projects. Smaller projects start with your... More…

Office of Strategic Planning

  1. City of Buffalo - Opportunity Zone "Matchmaking" Page

    The City of Buffalo sees Opportunity Zones as a strong potential economic development tool; as such, the City - when possible and... More…