Legislative Staff


Room 1413 City Hall
Buffalo, NY 14202



The Common Council Legislative Staff, provides technical, clerical and administrative support to the Common Council and individually to its members; provides staff assistance for all regularly scheduled or specially called public meetings and hearings; prepares resolutions, rules and regulations for enactment by the Common Council; and provides assistance with the investigation and review of items and issues brought before the Common Council.

Name Title Email Phone
Ertha, Malcolm Aaron Council Chief of Staff 716-851-5105
Montour, James Deputy Chief of Staff 716-851-5105
Paul, Julia Senior Legislative Assistant 716-851-5105
Shaw, Vernee Senior Legislative Assistant  
Gould, Siobhan Legislative Assistant 716-851-5105
St. Jean, Taisha Legislative Assistant 716-851-5105
Doll, Bill Legislative Assistant 716-851-5105
Thomas, Duane Legislative Assistant 716-851-5105
Hoyt, Clayton Public Information Officer 716-851-5105
Nowakowski, Mitch Legislative Aide II 716-851-5105