Living Wage Commission

The Living Wage Commission is a volunteer commission created by the City of Buffalo in 2003 to monitor and enforce the City’s Living Wage Ordinance.

Buffalo’s Living Wage Ordinance was passed unanimously in 1999 and amended in 2002 and 2007. It provides that certain workers must be paid a living wage. For 2017, the rate is $11.64 if the worker receives health benefits from the employer and $13.07 if the employee does not. On January 1, 2018, the rates will rise to $11.79 per hour with benefits and $13.24 without.

The Ordinance applies to all City employees. It also applies to employees working under contracts with the City when the contract is for more than $50,000 and the employer has more than ten employees. Subcontractors are covered as well.

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The quarterly report form for covered employers can be found under "Employers" on the navigation panel, and a copy of the law itself can be found under "Buffalo Law and Policies."

You can reach the Living Wage Commission at:
Phone: 716-852-4196
Address: Cornell University ILR School, 617 Main St., Suite 300, Buffalo, NY 14203