Auto Auction


At 11:30am on the day of the auction, all bidders must sign in and receive a bid number inside 166 Dart Street. ID (license) must be presented, if not on file with Impound.

Gates open at 12:00pm. Individuals are called in by name in order of signing in. They are given the bid number sign. The rules are announced.

The winning bid and bid number will be recorded. The 2nd highest bid will also be recorded with their bid number as well.

After the auction has ended, all winning bidders come back inside and receive their bill. They must pay their bill at City Hall unless they have been pre-approved by the Commissioner of Parking. If they have been pre-approved, they can pay by check on the day of the auction. All other winning bidders will receive their auction bill and pay at City Hall Treasury Department.
All cars sold must have a form MV907A filled out, signed by both parties (seller and purchaser) and given to the purchaser when they have paid and come to get their car.

After securing a copy of proof of payment, cars may be released on Thursday or Friday after the auction only. All cars must be towed out by 3:00pm on Friday after auction.

Whoever picks up car (tow truck operator) must sign a release form at the exit gate when they leave.

If highest bidder fails to pay and pick up vehicle by 3:00pm on Friday after auction date, Impound will notify the 2nd highest bidder and advise them that they have until 3:pm on the following Monday to pay and pick up vehicle.