Neighborhood Street Planning & Operations


  • To provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, persons, and goods by exercising the Department's power to prohibit, limit, regulate and control traffic on the streets and public highways of the City
  • to repair and maintain traffic signals, traffic signs and pavement markings in an efficient, safe and cost-effective manner
  • to administer Federal and State grants for traffic and highway programs for safe and efficient vehicular motion

Description of Activities

  • Analyze grants to insure they provide their intended purpose
  • Computerize and maintain a record of all permits issued by the Division of Engineering
  • Design and construct various projects, in all regions of the City, that involve the upgrading and construction of new traffic signals, signage and new pavement markings
  • Implement recommended traffic and pedestrian flow changes
  • Install and maintain pavement markings throughout the City
  • Install, maintain, and repair traffic control devices including traffic signals, loops, controllers, pedestrian push button poles, etc. throughout the City
  • Issue permits to private interests for the use of street right of ways
  • Manufacture, install, and maintain signage throughout the City
  • Recommend changes involving signals, signage, and/or pavement markings to the Mayor and Common Council
  • Study and analyze traffic and pedestrian flow; conduct traffic counts, and coordinate signal timing
  • Study, respond, and investigate inquiries from the Mayor, Commissioner, City Engineer, private citizens, and common council members regarding specific traffic related problems
  • Through the use of computers maintain accurate records of all traffic related construction activity be it a new or maintenance operation
  • To construct, coordinate, and administer said grants
  • To search out and apply Federal and State grants for the improvement, modification, construction, or reconstruction of traffic control devices within the City