Special Events Applications

This page includes all of the necessary information required to submit a complete Special Events Application.

  •  A Special Events Permit is required for events that:
    •  are expected to draw a large number of people due to their nature, interest, location, promotion or any combination of similar influences,
    •  are held on public property or on private property that affects public property and;
    •  require support and or resources from the City of Buffalo.
  • All applications must be completed in-full at least 30 days prior to the event.

    The following documents are required to complete your electronic submission for ALL events:

    •  Signed Hold Harmless Agreement
    •  Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Buffalo as additional insured as well as any managing partner of the venue
  • If applicable to your event, the following documents may be required to complete your electronic submission :

    •  Map of Garbage/Recycling Tote drop-off placement
    •  Map of the event location in a City of Buffalo Park
    •  Map of motorcade route and turn-by-turn directions
    •  Detailed floor plan including tent placement
  • The following documents must be submitted if you are serving alcohol at your event:

    •  Copy of SLA Certificate or Completed SLA Application
    •  Copy of SLA Landlord Authorization Form
  • If you are selling food, you must also apply for a Temporary Food Stand Permit from the Erie County Department of Health

    •  Erie County Temporary Food Stand Permit
  • Additional approvals are needed if your event is held in one of the following Olmsted Parks or park facilities:

    •  Cazenovia Park Casino
    •  Parkside Lodge and/or adjacent Fenced-in Picnic & Lawn Bowling Areas
    •  Japanese Garden in Delaware Park, near The Buffalo History Museum
    •  Marcy Casino at Delaware Park
    •  Rose Garden at Delaware Park
    •  MLK Casino (upstairs)
  • Please contact the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy at 716-838-1249, ext. 11 for additional information on how to obtain those approvals.

    After the application is complete, the Special Events Department will send a breakdown of all costs associated with the event within ten (10) business days of submission. Once payment is received, the Special Events Advisory Committee will review for final approval.  Following the Committee’s approval, the Event Sponsor will receive all relevant permits and licenses for their event. The Special Events Advisory Committee meets every other Wednesday at 9:30am.

    To apply for a Special Events Permit, click here.