Organizing a Block Club/Tenant Council

To organize a block club or tenant council in your neighborhood, take the following steps:

  1. Find interested neighbors to meet in your home, backyard or local community center.
  2. Discuss problems and concerns of the neighborhood. Find the most pressing problems and make a list.
    • Litter (in lots, alleys and backyards, or along the curb line)
    • Proper rubbish and garbage containers
    • Abandoned property and vehicles
    • Law enforcement and fire protection
    • Rats and roaming dogs
    • Streets (plowing, paving, cleaning, and potholes)
    • Speeding
    • Zoning violations (industrial noise, odors and pollution)
    • General appearance (parking, lighting, play space, traffic signs, etc.)
    • Future beautification projects
  3. Set a date for a meeting.
  4. Invite everyone on the block. Try to get everyone out for the meeting.
    • Make door to door visits.
    • Telephone neighbors.
    • Deliver a flier to each house that explains what a Block Club or a Tenant Council is and invites them to attend the meeting.