Register With the Board of Block Clubs

About the Board of Block Clubs of Buffalo and Erie County, Inc.

The Board of Block Clubs of Buffalo and Erie County, Inc. is an organization comprised of block clubs, tenant councils, associations and coalitions from the city of Buffalo and Erie County. Its purpose is to inform area block club leaders and all other groups registered with them of local events, happenings, and opportunities available to them. They also mail information about organizations and subjects of interest to contact people from the block clubs and area groups.

The Board's meetings are held monthly (except for a brief hiatus in summer) on the last Thursday of the month, unless that happens to be a National Holiday which then changes it to the previous Thursday to the Holiday. Most of the meetings are held at City Hall in Room 1417. Block club leaders network with each other and exchange information and ideas to keep abreast of the latest events.

Board Members

  • Linda Freidenberg, President
  • Louise Bonner, 1st Vice President
  • Ada Hopson-Clemons, 2nd Vice President
  • Mary Hammond, 3rd Vice President
  • Rich Lee, Secretary and Coordinator
  • Anita Hines, Treasurer
  • Art Robinson, Public Relations
  • Connie Snell, Chaplain
  • Juliet Graves, Sergeant-at-Arms

Register With the Board

To register with the Board of Block Clubs, the following is required:

  • Completed Block Club/Organization Registration Form (PDF)
  • Must be a Block Club / Tenant Council with the intention of forming a Neighborhood Watch.
  • Must establish a set of bylaws
  • Must have elected officers, these being President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, (optional Parliamentarian, Chaplain and/or Block Captains)
  • Must be organized by an official organizer. (United Neighborhoods, the Board of Block Clubs or the Masten Block Club Coalition). At least six meetings are required per year, winter or summer recess optional.
  • Block Clubs and Tenant Councils with a Crime Watch must have training provided by the local law enforcement agency OR by any person or organization certified to teach Crime Watch Training.
  • There is no longer a registration fee. Block Clubs must re-register every three years