Buffalo Sister Cities

“Buffalo is proud to share ties with over a dozen international communities around our globe! We invite you to join this volunteer citizen movement to bring about international friendship and understanding.”

Mayor Byron W. Brown

Our Sister Cities

Dortmund, Germany

The origins of the Buffalo-Dortmund Sister City relationship can be traced back to 1972. A Dortmund native, Herbert Morgenroth, arrived in Buffalo as an exchange teacher at the University of Buffalo under the auspices of the Carl Duisberg Society, a German exchange program. Morgenroth was struck by the similarities between our City of Buffalo and his hometown of Dortmund. It is about the same size as Buffalo and its suburbs, is the site of the most famous steel company in Europe and is famous for its beer production. So struck was he by the possibilities of a Sister City relationship that he undertook to "talk it up". Morgenroth was living on LeBrun Street near the University Campus and an Eggertsville resident, Mr. John E. Ward, then principal of Genesee-Humboldt Junior High School, heard of Morgenroth's idea. The idea caught on with Ward and by 1974, he, Morgenroth and others broached the idea with Honorary German Consul in Buffalo, Mrs. Nathan "Brix" Barrell. In February of that year, their idea was formally presented to Mayor Stanley Makowski and the program was on its way.

Dortmund, Germany Website

Greg Engle, President
Phone: 716-970-0079

Kanazawa, Japan

The Buffalo-Kanazawa Sister City Committee was established over 50 years ago, and is comprised of 120 local citizens. Kanazawa proudly maintains a sister city exhibit in the main gallery of their City Hall with a large photograph of Buffalo's Current Mayor.

Takako Michii, President
75 D Gorton Drive
Buffalo NY 14228

Lille, France

The American Buffalo-Lille Association is headed by Dr. Jean F. Gounard, professor at the State University of New York College at Buffalo and there is French Buffalo-Lille Association lead by Mme Francoise Dujardin.  There are many close business links, Cultural exchanges and personal and professional relationships that have been created and enhanced by  the Buffalo-Lille Association.  Over fifteen business in the Buffalo area are currently interacting with Lille businesses.  The Buffalo-Lille Association was founded in 1989.

Buffalo-Lille Association
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: 716-878-5331

Rzeszow, Poland

James Serafin, President
Phone: 716-896-6464

Siena, Italy

The Buffalo-Siena relationship dates back to 1961.

Buffalo Siena Cultural Council, Inc.
P.O. Box 361
Buffalo, NY 14201

For more information, contact Dr. Paul and Helena Hale at 716-883-2002.

Torremaggiore, Italy

Peter LoJacono, President
Buffalo-Torremaggiore Association
Phone: 716-523-0360

Tver, Russia

Founded in 1984-85, Buffalo-Tver Sister Cities began by a gathering of interested people who created a package of materials to introduce the people of Buffalo to the people of Tver. In 1986 the Buffalo Common Council passed a resolution supporting BTSC. BTSC was officially recognized in 1989 through an agreement signed by the mayors of Buffalo and Tver.

Sean Shinners, President
800 W Ferry
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: 716-881-3938

Other Sister Cities

Our other Sister Cities include:

  • Abeadze State, Ghana
  • Bursa, Turkey
  • Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Changzhou, China
  • Drohobych, Ukraine
  • Horlivka, Ukraine
  • Kiryat Gat, Israel
  • St. Ann Parish, Jamaica

More Sister Cities Information

Contact Buffalo Sister Cities

Emerson Barr
Mayor's Liaison to Buffalo Sister Cities