Lead Information

Lead Based Hazards are a legacy of Buffalo’s industrial heritage and remain in many of our older homes and buildings. The City of Buffalo 311 Center has a “Lead Line” where you can file a complaint about lead or request to have your home or apartment tested.

To safeguard the children in your home or apartment from suffering the damaging effects of lead poisoning, it is necessary to keep the home as dust free as possible, especially around windows and doors, and keep painted surfaces intact.

When making renovations or repairs or painting, proper techniques should be used so that lead based hazards can be successfully mitigated or remediated. Information and programs are available at the websites listed.

Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH)

The Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) offers the following programs that support the elimination of lead poisoning:

For more information about these programs, or for general information on how to help prevent lead poisoning, contact the ECDOH Environmental Health Division at 716-961-6800.

Additional Information

For more Information on lead poisoning visit the following websites: