When a Permit is Not Required



a) Plumbing- for the purposes of these and subsequent sections, plumbing is defined in the City Charter, section 326-1;

b) Property owner: that individual(s) who can demonstrate to the plumbing inspections department that they are the current owners of the property in question;

c) Maintenance personnel: individuals who are in the direct employ, not contractors, of the property owners. Third party maintenance companies may not perform any plumbing work as outlined above, unless owned by a licensed master plumber;

d) Certified factory representative: an individual who services specific equipment as authorized by the manufacturer, whether or not the fixture is under warranty. They may replace said fixture (excluding hot water tanks), only if the fixture is still under warranty, without additional costs to the property owner.

The following items 1-4 do not require a plumbing permit.

Repairs to existing plumbing installations in all dwellings as follows:

1) The repair or replacement in-kind of any faucet, flush valve, supply tube, individual fixture stops, toilet fill valves, or flushing mechanisms;

2) The unblocking of stoppages of drains, which does not entail cutting out or removing any section of piping past the individual fixture traps;

3) The repair or replacement of sections of the water distribution system which are less than a total of 20 linear feet of piping;

4) The repair or replacement of tubular fixture drain assemblies, and their connection to said fixture.

Property owners, maintenance personnel, licensed master plumbers, or certified factory representatives, may make such repairs or replacements without a plumbing permit required for items 1-4 as outlined above. However, all work and materials must comply with all applicable provisions of city and state requirements and codes. 


All other work not listed above shall require a plumbing permit. This includes the replacement of individual fixtures. When a permit is required, application fees as per the plumbing permit fee schedule shall be required. Only a licensed Buffalo Master plumber may obtain a plumbing permit.

A resident owner of a one or two family dwelling may be allowed to obtain a building permit in that portion in which they reside, if they can demonstrate to the commissioner that they are capable of doing the work in compliance with the code. Residence must be established prior to applying for a permit. Proof of residency will be required. Under these terms, a permit will not be required if the homeowner replaces a toilet or any sink.