Urban Fellows Internship Program

Urban Fellows Internship Program

Eligibility Requirements

Any person who is pursuing or has received a degree or certificate at a secondary academic institution, (i.e. Community College, University). Applicants must be able to demonstrate their eligibility to work in the United States for the entire fellowship period.

Program Length

  • 1 Academic Semester
  • 1 Academic Year
  • 1 Summer Session

Program Goals

The City of Buffalo / Division of Citizen Services Urban Fellows Internship Program is designed to introduce our region’s most talented college students and graduates to local government and public service, through hands-on practical learning experiences. This unique opportunity (available for one semester, summer or full academic year) allows students to sharpen their skills, while discovering the many challenges that government faces in addressing the needs and concerns of the public.

In the quest to stop the exodus of young professionals leaving the region, the mission of this initiative is to encourage current students to remain in the Western New York region by engaging them within the various programs that work to improve the quality of life within the City of Buffalo.

This program gives many young people an opportunity to work in the fast paced environment of the Division of Citizen Services. The division is comprised of a number of diverse ancillary programs which includes the following:

  • Anti-Graffiti and Clean City
  • Serve Buffalo
  • Mayor’s 311 Call and Resolution Center
  • Office of Citizen Participation and Information
  • Save Our Streets
  • Quality of Life Programs
  • Open Data

Each program has its own unique goals geared toward delivering services to the City of Buffalo residents. By working closely with these programs, the Urban Fellows Interns will be acquiring valuable experience in the human service and governmental fields.

Program Description

The Urban Fellows Internship Program aims to select the best and brightest future leaders to work in the City of Buffalo’s Division of Citizen Services. It is a comprehensive 8 to 16 week program that submerges fellows into city government, community involvement and civic engagement activities. Urban Fellows are extremely diverse and have various racial, socio-economic and religious backgrounds.

During the internship, Fellows are able to create new and innovative programs and initiatives for the Division of Citizen Services. Urban Fellows have the opportunity to not only gain hands-on experience co-managing city programs, but also brainstorming new and innovative ways to enrich and improve programs. The Division believes it is important to immerse participants so that they may understand city government in all aspects, as well as take away practical knowledge from their internship experience.


Prior to beginning the internship, all Urban Fellows must attend a mandatory orientation. Orientation is a one day program to inform, familiarize, and answer any questions that Fellows may have about the program. Fellows are given the opportunity to share what their expectations are and what they hope to gain from the internship program. 

The Division believes that it is important that fellows understand the program and what is expected of them. This is achieved by touring the office and City Hall, listening to guest speakers, allowing time for fellows to get to know other fellows, and ask questions.


Although the Urban Fellows Internship Program does not have a minimum GPA requirement, it is extremely competitive. To apply, applicants must submit the following: completed application form, resume, cover letter (detailing your interest and why you feel that you are best qualified to complete the Urban Fellows Internship Program) and a recent writing sample. 

Applications Due Dates

  • Spring Session: January 15th
  • Summer Session: June 1st
  • Fall Session: September 1st