Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency

Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is Now Open to the Public

The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is committed to reopening safely. The health and safety of City Hall staff and visitors remains a top priority. City Hall has rolled out measures to foster a safe environment. Multiple points of safe public contact have been established and are frequently disinfected. 
While in City Hall, you must maintain social distancing.
MASKS are required to be worn in City Hall at all times.
No more than 4 people are to ride in an elevator at once. 
Bring your PHOTO ID.
Attorneys must have written Waiver of Appearance on file.


To avoid waiting in line, please use an alternate method of contact and send the following items:

*Full legal name
*Picture of your photo ID (if using email)
*Current address
*Phone number
*Email address
*A copy of your ticket or the ticket number 

MAIL to:
65 Niagara Square, Room 115
Buffalo, NY  14202


The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is a Court of Record and cannot discuss pending matters over the telephone.
General questions may be answered in a prerecorded message by calling 716-851-5883.

The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is a court of record. The agency assists the Buffalo City Court in the disposition and administration of non-criminal moving traffic infractions. The agency operates under the direction and control of Mayor Byron W. Brown. The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency was created in 2015 through collaborative efforts of the City of Buffalo and New York State lawmakers.


About the Agency

  • The mission of the Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is to enhance public safety and promote driver responsibility through enforcement of New York State traffic laws.
  • Since its inception, the City of Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency has been adjudicating non-criminal moving traffic infractions that occur within the City of Buffalo. In specific instances, some traffic infractions are handled in Buffalo City Court.
  • Prior to the creation of the agency, these violations were adjudicated through the Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau.
  • The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is authorized under New York State General Municipal Law Article 14-B, Section 370, and established in the Buffalo City Charter under Section C-6-24.
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