When any demolition application is made, it is refereed to the Buffalo Preservation Board for review. There is also a thirty (30 ) day waiting period from the date of the application before a permit can be issued as well  except for an emergency. The Preservation Board reviews to see if the property is contiguous with any properties that are on the National Historic Registry as Historic Landmark properties or if the property is eligible for designation.

Asbestos Abatement

Next, an asbestos survey done by a licensed asbestos inspector is required. If asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are found, asbestos abatement is required. Certification is then presented to the City that the asbestos has been properly removed and the property is ready for redevelopment. A building permit can be issued at this point.

Additional Items Required

This form - or an asbestos survey stating that no ACMs were found upon original inspection - becomes one of up to six items, depending on the type of demolition, that must be assembled prior to application for a demolition permit (See the first FAQ for the different demolition types). The other items that may be required are:

  • Preservation approval following a check for contiguous to national historic registry properties
  • Insurance certificates; one a general liability certificate dated to encompass the work period, naming the demolition at the project's assessed address and listing the City of Buffalo as additional insured with respect to the project, and one each of the certificate of worker's compensation and disability certificate (both dated to encompass the work period).
  • A Performance Bond of the value equal to the full demolition cost, naming the project's assessed address. The Commissioner may accept a letter of credit or a certified check in substitution for the performance bond. 
  • A copy of the demolition Contract
  • A Sewer and Water cut-off Release form filled out by a Master Plumber stating that these services have been terminated at the assessed address
  • A receipt showing that the property was bated against rodents within 1 week prior to the work start date

Call Mike Schieber at 716-851-4070 or the permit office at 716-851-4925, or 716-851-4924 to find out what will be required for your project.

Demolition Process

Demolitions follow processes shown in the following charts: