• Conduct inspections of residential, commercial, and industrial property within the City of Buffalo, for the purpose of insuring compliance with New York State building codes, Federal regulations, and all applicable City Ordinances (zoning, maintenance, construction, licensing etc.)
  • Issue and conduct inspections for Certificates of Occupancy for all structures, Certificates of Compliance for all work performed in conjunction with all permits, and Certificates associated with Multiple Dwellings and with Fuel Devices.
  • Conduct inspections in response to complaints or inquiries from the community and other government agencies.
  • Conduct inspections for issuance of all Building Permits, Electrical Permits, Plumbing Permits, Fuel Device Permits and/or various licenses.
  • Issue Notices of Violation and Notices to Repair or to Demolish, to owners or agents of record.
  • Initiate court actions when warranted, prepare related paperwork and provide liaison for City Court.
  • Initiate demolition proceedings when warranted, award demolition contracts, and inspect work performed by demolition contractors.

When Inspections Should Occur

Inspections are required at the completion of each phase of construction: Foundation - Framing - Mechanical - Insulation - Vapor Barrier - and completion, in order to approve work that has been done so that it may be enclosed or so that the next section of work may be done. Inspections are usually due at the following or similar times in a project; this list is not a complete list:

  • After excavation for foundation/pier/caisson/grade beam or other subsoil structural work is complete and before formwork is placed
  • After formwork and reinforcing for subsoil structure is in place
  • After the concrete pour for subsoil structure
  • Sometimes before and during structural or framing work, and always after structural/framing work is done and before it is covered
  • After electrical, plumbing, gas, heating, cooling, air conditioning, or process piping rough-in and before closing work in
  • After insulation has been installed
  • At the point where any mechanical has its fixtures installed
  • At the point where old work is uncovered which was done not to the code then in force, and which will have to be corrected
  • At the point where work is proposed which would deviate from the plans
  • If any accident or natural event affects or may have affected the structure
  • At the completion of a project
  • For a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Occupancy
  • After any complaint received by the Division of Citizen Services

Parties Responsible for Inspections

The Contractor, Construction Manager, project Foreman, or other Agent for the project is responsible for finding out who the inspector/s will be for various parts of the project, what their required advance notice time is, and for calling in time to allow for timely inspections at each inspection point during the project. (at least 24 hours prior notice)

To get an appointment scheduled or to find out at what points your project must be inspected and who your inspectors are, call 716-851-4949; or for mechanical / electrical / plumbing inspections scheduling and inspectors:

  • Fuel Devices - 716-851-4959
  • Electrical - 716-851-5999
  • Plumbing - 716-851-5067

Note: Work may not proceed without its due inspection.

Inspection Records

Paper and/or electronic records are kept of each inspection. These records are all a matter of public record and available to the public. To access inspections records call 716-851-4949 or visit room 304, City Hall.