Let's Do This Recycling Initiative

Lets Do This! A Friendly City Block Club Recycling Competition

Mayor Byron W. Brown announced that the Roebling Avenue Block Club was the top winner of the City of Buffalo’s Let’s DO This! Block Club Recycling Competition. The Roebling Avenue Block Club increased community participation in curbside recycling by 167%! Second place went to the Walden Heights Community Block Club. As winners of the competition, these Block Clubs will receive a Community Shredding Event and/or a Community Garden. Winners were announced at the Apollo Media Center.

“I encourage city residents to participate in all the varied recycling opportunities available in the City of Buffalo,” said Mayor Byron Brown. “I am pleased that City of Buffalo Block Clubs embraced the challenge and took part in my friendly and fun Let’s DO This! Recycling Competition. Recycling is good for the environment and the economy, and everyone wins when we recycle more!”

Let’s DO This! Block Club Recycling Competition was launched in July 2017 to incentivize residents to participate in curbside recycling and help bring the City to its goal of 34% recycling. Under Mayor Brown’s leadership, the City has introduced many programs designed to increase recycling, including single-stream green tote recycling, electronic waste recycling, expanded curbside yard waste pickup and drop off center, the Western New York Coalition for Donated Goods and the 34andMore Buffalo Recycles promotional event.

As part of the month-long recycling competition, all participating Block Clubs received $100 worth of beautification items, including tools and bulbs, to be used in their neighborhoods. Over 4,400 households in 43 Block Clubs participated in the friendly and fun competition.