Grow Your Business

Mentoring & Counseling

A number of organizations around the City of Buffalo will help mentor you throwing the varying stages of the business life cycle. Much of these resources are offered free of charge and can offer recommendations on growing revenues, expanding operations, human resources, business strategy, etc.

Human Capital (Employees)

Buffalo Employment and Training Center

The mission of the BETC is to bring employment, training and workforce services to both residents and employers.

Certification & Procurement

Hiring Incentives & Job Training

Empire State Development Corporation Excelsior Jobs Program is designed to provide job creation and investment incentives to firms in targeted industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, high-tech, green technology, financial industries, agriculture and manufacturing. Applications and additional information available on the Empire State Development website.

New York State Department of Labor

Cut Your Labor Costs

Employers that do business in New York can trim their labor costs through several New York State workforce and economic development programs. Employment-based tax credits save businesses money by cutting federal and state liability. Businesses may obtain tax credit savings from $750 to $9,000 simply by hiring one targeted worker.

Federal Targeted Tax Credits

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) offers employers up to $2,400 in federal tax savings for hiring people with barriers to employment.

Financial Assistance

While the City of Buffalo does not do direct business lending, we do partner with a number of organizations that provide access to capital for entrepreneurs who are at varying stages of business life cycle.