File of Life Program

“Life is precious! And in a medical emergency, every second counts. Picture this: Your love one, a senior citizen is having a medical emergency! When the Emergency Medical Techs arrive, the person is incoherent or even worst, unconscious. In the midst of a life threatening emergency, seconds become critical.”

Treatment is sometimes delayed because the medical personal don’t have access to critical medical information. That is why the City of Buffalo in cooperation with the Buffalo Fire Department and the Division for Senior Services is launching the File of Life Project for Senior Citizens living in the City of Buffalo.

Best Practice Program

The File of Life is a “best practice” program of the File of Life Foundation in Mass. The File comes in 2 parts:

  1. The “Red” Wallet size (card case) that can be carried on you
  2. The magnetic refrigerator card and case to be kept in your home

The File of Life

The File of Life is:

  • Economical (Supplies cost less than $1 each to implement $0.60 for the refrigerator magnet pouch and $0.30 for the wallet size pouch.)
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Endorsed by hospitals, EMS, Police, and Fire Departments across the country

It has been:

  • Implemented in over 1600 communities across the country at last count
  • Placed in over 2,500,000 homes across the country
  • And, it already implemented in 49 states and is constantly growing

File of Life Packets are available in City of Buffalo’s Division for Senior Services. Please call the Division for Senior Services at 716-851-4141 for arrangements.