The Buffalo Common Council

Request to use Common Council Conference Room Room 1417 (Buffalo City Hall) (4)

About the Buffalo Common Council

The City of Buffalo Common Council is the legislative branch of government for Buffalo. Comprised of nine council districts, each lead by its own popularly elected District Council Member.

The Buffalo Common Council's Nine Districts are:

  • Delaware District
  • Ellicott District
  • Fillmore District
  • Lovejoy District
  • Masten District
  • Niagara District
  • North District
  • South District
  • University District

Mission Statement

The mission of The Council is to address, in a thorough manner, any concerns regarding The City while ensuring that citizens have easy and equitable access to resources provided by a trusted and transparent government.

All Buffalo Common Council Meetings are live steamed on the Council's Facebook page. WATCH MEETINGS HERE.

You can also watch the livestream here: