Bureau of Forestry

The City of Buffalo Bureau of Forestry is responsible for maintaining and preserving the public urban forest, which includes all street trees located within the city right of way as well as those inside of parks and city-owned lots.

In order to record and respond appropriately to the thousands of Forestry related calls received each year, please Call 311 to request an inspection, tree planting, removal or trimming, a root or sewer conflict, or pest or disease concern. You may also place a request online at: 311 Call Center

For additional information on common public tree concerns, please review Forestry - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF).

City of Buffalo Street Tree Map

Tree Planting

Volunteer Tree Plantings, Stewardship or Memorial Tree Programs

Tree Pruning

Tree Work Permits

Tree Protection Requirements for Development

Common Pests & Diseases