Athletic Facility & Seasonal Sports Permit

The City of Buffalo Division of Parks and Recreation issues numerous athletic permits annually. As we strive to better serve the citizens of Buffalo, as well as those who visit here, efficient administration and coordination of permits continues to be our priority. Please read the information presented to help with the application process.

Please use the interactive map link below to search existing Parks athletic facilities.



General Instructions

  1. Please call 716-851-9694 or visit the Division of Parks and Recreation office between 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. weekdays, to make sure the dates and location you request are available. Please note: Dates are not secured until payment, schedule and insurance is received.
  2. Please complete the required Athletic Facility and Seasonal Sports Application and return it to our office at minimum 10 business days prior to your event with payment specified (check or money order only) payable to: City of Buffalo.
  3. A copy of your league schedule must be provided with completed application.
  4. Proof of proper insurance coverage is required, $1,000,000 general liability naming City of Buffalo as additional insured. If you are using a City Olmsted park, you must also list the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy as additional insured.
  5. Please sign and date the required Hold Harmless Agreement, which must be completed and returned to this office in order to receive permit.
  6. Permits will be mailed to you, or you may also visit our office at the following address:
    City of Buffalo Division of Parks and Recreation
    City Hall
    65 Niagara Square
    Room 505
    Buffalo, NY 14202
    Phone: (716)851-9694
    Fax: (716)851-5200

Note: Regular maintenance of the field and permission to play begins only when all of the above is received. Each organization granted a permit for use of a City park is directly responsible for clean-up immediately following their event.


New fee structure effective September 1, 2016.

Youth League (Daily & Seasonal)
No Fee
Adult League (Daily, per team, per game)
Adult League (Seasonal, per team, 12 game schedule)
Adult League Tournament (per day)
Tennis (Seasonal rate only)