Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets (DPW)

Description of Services

The City of Buffalo Department of Public Works (DPW) plays a major role in connecting the Buffalo Community. Whether it is clearing snow from your street, inspecting bridges, collecting trash, or mowing the sports fields our children play on, we are in our neighborhoods every day working to improve quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors in our great City. It is the mission of the department to maintain, enhance and beautify city streets, public facilities, infrastructure, waterways, parks and so much more. The DPW is constantly working to keep all the elements of the City functioning properly.

Department Objectives

  • The Engineering Department is responsible for construction and paving of all City streets; traffic signals and signage; maintains over 32,000 street lights citywide; maintains 44 bridges, oversees harbor functions; monitors ice formations on bodies of water in winter
  • The Buildings Department oversees all construction of City-owned facilities and handles major repairs; oversees all maintenance on hundreds of City-owned buildings
  • The Streets Department: Plows and cleans 1,600 lane miles of City roadways, and handles bulk trash pickup
  • The Sanitation Department is responsible for collecting and disposing of 70,000 trash pick-ups weekly
  • The Recycling Department works with a contractor to collect recyclables on a weekly basis to reduce our reliance on landfills, prevent pollution, increase air quality and save tax dollars
  • The Water Department handles all water engineering, daily operations, water-related customer service and maintenance on 800 miles of sub-surface piping
  • The Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for all park operations including maintaining around 190 City properties including athletic fields, bike trails, traffic circles, green spaces and managing over 64,000 street trees. This division also manages programming at 7 City recreation centers, pools, splash pads and skating rinks.
  • DPW operates the city’s animal shelter which is responsible for providing pet adoption and volunteer opportunities. 
  • The DPW works with the City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA) on all Housing and Urban Development capital improvement projects