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The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning, a division within the City’s Executive Department, coordinates economic development activities throughout the City of Buffalo.  The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning is subdivided into four divisions:  Development, Real Estate, Planning & Zoning, and Environmental Affairs. The Division of Development works directly with the business community and real estate developers. The Division of Real Estate handles real estate transactions related to City-owned property, including the sale of real property owned by the City of Buffalo, including vacant lots, residential structures, and capital assets such as decommissioned schools and fire houses. The Division of Planning & Zoning oversees the administration of the City’s development regulatory boards (Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Historic Preservation Board) and engages the community in planning initiatives. The Division of Environmental Affairs handles matters related to state and federal environmental review, implementation of state and federal environmental land use laws, and oversees the Environmental Management Commission.

The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning also coordinates with two closely associated development agencies, the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation (BUDC) and the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA).  Mayor Byron W. Brown is the chair of both of these organizations and the Executive Director of Strategic Planning serves on both boards.


  • Create and retain jobs by fostering an improved business environment, growing the business sector while increasing the population, and enhancing quality of life for City of Buffalo residents
  • Coordinate economic development of the city with associated development agencies as well as other public agencies including the Erie County Industrial Development Agency, Empire State Development Corporation, the Regional Economic Development Council, and the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation. Support the development of small businesses with a focus on minority and women business enterprises (M/WBE) with the Beverly Gray Business Exchange
  • Market and sell City owned land and excess capital assets to support the growth of the City
  • Ensure fair and equitable administration of land use policies and regulatory boards
  • Undertake community planning initiatives to further the policies established in the City Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Plan, and other master planning documents to realize the citizens vision for Buffalo  
  • Improve and enhance the natural and built-in environments, through implementation of environmental remediation and enhancement programs, environmental regulations, and coordination with City Departments and other agencies on environmental issues and affairs