City Clerk


Description of Services

The City of Buffalo Office of the City Clerk provides quality services to meet the needs of city residents and business owners in an effective, efficient and timely manner.  The Clerk’s Office is the keeper of City records, including birth, marriage, death, ordinances, Buffalo Common Council actions and more.  The Clerk’s Office also serves as a major informational, historical and legislative branch of the City, which requires vast networking and partnerships with countless public service, legal and government agencies.

Division Objectives

  • Prepares the agenda for Buffalo Common Council meetings; certifies and maintains a journal of those proceedings and publishes them in the manner described by ordinance
  • Records every ordinance enacted by the Buffalo Common Council
  • Records every Local Law and notifies the State Comptroller and Secretary of State of changes in the City Charter
  • Notifies the Commissioner of Board of Elections if a local law is subject to referendum
  • Gives notice in writing to every officer of his election or appointment and  of the amount of the official bond or undertaking required
  • Publishes all notices, advertising matters or proceedings required by ordinance or law
  • Issues and records birth and death certificates, as well as marriage licenses
  • Issues and records dog licenses
  • Files disclosure statements per Chapter VIII, Section 90 - Code of Ethics

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