Public Access (Time Warner Channel 20)

Channel 20 is the City of Buffalo's Public Access Channel, part of the "PEG" (Public, Education and Government) access program. Public access serves the people of Buffalo, New York by: providing Public Access on an equal opportunity basis to City residents. Being non-commercial and locally produced.

Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Buffalo Municipal Telecommunications Center to bring to all citizens the ability to communicate their message, to be assisted in the creation and distribution of that message and to be exposed to the workings of the government, which those citizens have duly elected.


The Public Access channel (20) was created in 1984. It is provided by the government to local independent producer. This channel (20) allows independent producers to create programming free of cable operators editorial control over content carried on this Public Educational and Government (PEG) channel, and absolves cable operators from liability for that content.

Channel 20 is intended for use by the City, in which the programming is non-commercial, informational programming and the content free of government intervention.

Channel Administration

Channel 20 is a division of the City of Buffalo Office of Telecommunications. The Office is responsible for programming on Channel 20.

Types of Programming

Public access television channels may be run by public grassroots groups or individuals, private non-profits or city organizations and policies and regulations are subject to their own ordinances and community standards.

Services available at Public access organizations are often low cost or free of charge, with an inclusive, content neutral, first-come, first-served, free speech ideology.

Users of Public access stations may participate at most levels of this structure to make content that is meaningful and reflective of their experience within their communities.

Public access centers are not necessarily bound to traditional one and one half hour block schedules, programs may be about 30 or 60 minutes but may also be of any length, depending on local organizational policies.

It is also common in public access centers to sponsor programming that was produced outside of the municipality, often with a local resident or sponsor garnering the programming. Public access centers also may solicit programming that may be valuable to the community despite its origination point.

Programming Policies & Restrictions

  1. Programming must meet all FCC regulations and applicable federal, state and local laws.
  2. As the channel is intended to provide education-related programming, program requests must be submitted to Buffalo TV from certified educational institutions. Buffalo TV may also create programming of an educational nature.
  3. Objectionable Material - No slanderous, lewd, obscene or violent material or language will be allowed on the channel.
  4. Endorsements - No promotion, endorsements or advertising for any private business, commercial service or product, profit-making activity, political candidate or partisan cause will be allowed on the channel. Solicitations for charitable, civic or religious donations are also precluded. Brief video credits may be displayed at the conclusion of programs involving donations of special materials or assistance from commercial or charitable enterprises.