The Government Channel (Time Warner Channel 22)

Channel 22 is the City's Government Channel, part of the City's overall "PEG" (Public, Educational and Government) Access Program. Government Access is similar to Public Access in that they are both non-commercial and primarily consist of locally produced or local-interest programming. Government Access programs include Common Council Meetings, Buffalo Control Board Meetings, Erie County Meetings, Press Conferences and Citi Stat Meetings featuring the Honorable Mayor Byron W Brown. The BMTC operates and programs the channel. The following are station policies:

Mission Statement

The mission of Buffalo TV 22 (Time Warner Channel 22) is to serve the people of Buffalo, NY, by providing accurate, quality and informative TV programming about policies, services and activities of City Government and to stimulate and encourage all people representing Buffalo's diverse communities to involve themselves in local government issues and the local government process. Governmental Access is a forum for governmental bodies, to give them a vehicle to inform the public.

Goals for Buffalo TV 22 / Time Warner Channel 22


Buffalo TV 22 was created as part of the cable television franchise agreement with the City's former cable television provider, TCI. That commitment was continued by Adelphia, and in August 2006 acquired by our City's current cable provider Time Warner, Inc.

Buffalo TV 22 is for use by the City, in which the programming is non-commercial, informational programming regarding government and educational activities and programs.

Channel Administration

Buffalo TV 22 is a division of the City of Buffalo Office of Telecommunications. The Office is responsible for programming on Channel 22.

Types of Programming

Meeting Coverage: Coverage of the Buffalo Common Council and other public meetings deemed appropriate. Some meetings will be carried "gavel-to-gavel" (unedited and without editorial comment). Other programs may be edited for content and broadcast purposes.

City Produced Programs: Programming produced by Buffalo TV that is non-commercial in nature and about topics of interest to the local community.

Outside Produced Programs: Non-commercial programming produced by outside sources; generally of an educational or general public interest nature.

Programming Policies & Restrictions


No promotion, endorsements or advertising for any private business, commercial service or product, profit-making activity, political candidate or partisan cause will be allowed on the channel. Solicitations for charitable, civic or religious donations are also precluded. Brief video credits may be displayed at the conclusion of programs involving donations of special materials or assistance from commercial or charitable enterprises.

  • Programming must meet all FCC regulations and applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • As the channel is intended to provide information about local government, program requests must be submitted to Buffalo TV from recognized governmental departments or agencies.
  • Governmental departments and entities utilizing the channel may invite outside organizations, agencies or individuals to participate in programs.
  • Legally qualified candidates for any elective public office will not be eligible to appear on the government channel unless they appear in a forum in which all candidates are given equal time. This exclusion does not apply to persons who receive incidental airtime as part of a public meeting being cablecast or to officials acting as part of their regular duties when such actions do not involve partisan politics. Programs featuring dedicated interviews on live call-in opportunities with incumbent elected officials will be suspended for four weeks prior to a primary or general election in which they are participating.
  • Objectionable material- No slanderous, lewd, obscene or violent material or language will be allowed on Buffalo TV.
  • To provide greater accessibility to City Government by producing and distributing information about policies, procedures, resources, services and events via cable television
  • Increase community awareness of important issues as well as county, state, and national issues that impact the City of Buffalo
  • Create a channel identity that citizens recognize as quality informational programming
  • Create a library of City Programming for historical purposes
  • Maintain a library of videotape copies of public meetings