Telecommunications, Utilities & Franchises

Description of Services

  • Advisement of City officials on cable, telecommunications and utility issues and forwarding of recommendations for legislative initiatives
  • Identification and examination of potential opportunities in the purchase of natural gas, electricity and telecommunications services for the City to reduce its costs, increase revenues and protect and enhance the quality of the environment
  • Monitoring of compliance of the City's cable television franchise
  • Monitoring of franchise fee and other payments from cable/telecommunications providers
  • Negotiation of cable and telecommunications franchise agreements
  • Operation of the Apollo Media Center
  • Operation of the City's Public, Education and Government Access TV Channels:
    • "Community Billboard"
    • "The Education Channel" (Time Warner Channel 19)
    • "Public Access" (Time Warner Channel 20)
    • "Think Bright" (Time Warner Channel 21)
    • The Government Channel" (Time Warner Channel 22)
  • Operation of the City's videoconferencing facilities
  • Oversight of regulation of all cable and telecommunications franchises
  • Resolution of cable television subscriber complaints
  • Review of regulation of communications towers