Treasury & Collections

Description of Services

  • Receive, receipt and deposit all monies for the City of Buffalo including but not limited to Taxes, Sewer, Water, User Fee, Parking Violations and Accounts Receivable, Permits, Licenses and Traffic Violations.
  • Furnish monthly Statement of Condition to the City Comptroller.
  • Keep accurate and separate accounts of various funds for City of Buffalo, Sewer Authority, and Water Board.
  • Act as trustee for Trust and Agency Investment Accounts.
  • Collect and maintain records of all City of Buffalo employee garnishees and liens and distribute all monies as specified by the Courts.
  • The Director is the Enforcing Officer/Referee for the In-Rem Foreclosure Sale.
  • Coordinate the disbursement of all City of Buffalo paychecks.
  • Maintain all Trust and Agency Subsidiary Ledger including but not limited to Foreclosure, Court Orders, Bankruptcy, Foreign Fire, Prisoner Property, Fire Claims, and Refunds NYS Retirement.
  • Oversee the reconciliation of bids and payments for properties purchased through the In-Rem Foreclosure and facilitates the disbursement of said monies.
  • Oversee the Billing and Collections Division in the preparation of financial statements, evaluations and reports on persons or organizations indebted to the City of Buffalo for delinquent Taxes, User Fee, Accounts Receivables including but not limited to Demolition, Rental of City Property, Property Damage Claims, Surrogated Causes of Action, Rights Under Assignment and Miscellaneous Debts.
  • Act as a liaison between the Comptroller's Office and the Common Council, private sector entities and city departments or agencies concerning Collections.
  • Establish payment agreements for delinquent User Fee accounts to prevent In Rem Foreclosure proceedings.
  • Oversee the billing and collections of all Accounts Receivable invoices.
  • Responsible for referring Housing Court Judgments to outside collection agency for further collection efforts.