Division of Purchase

Description of Services

The Division of Purchase is the City of Buffalo's central purchasing agent for supplies, materials, equipment, insurance and contracts for service. Purchasing secures goods and services from the lowest responsible bidder on the basis of price, specifications, product evaluation, and delivery. Purchasing is a unit of the City of Buffalo's Department of Administration, Finance, Policy and Urban Affairs.

  • Delano Dowell, Commissioner 716-851-5922
  • William L. Sunderlin, Director  716-851-5222
  • Brian Kinyoun , Assistant Director 716-851-5222

Add Your Name to the City Vendor List

To add your name to the City of Buffalo's vendor list just fill out the vendor application (PDF) (These are PDF files, viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.) The application asks general information, including what products or services you may have to sell the City of Buffalo. Please review the commodity list carefully and indicate which products and/or services you would be interested in supplying. Send the completed application by mail to our postal address or fax it to Purchasing at 716-851-5231.

Once your application is received you will be placed on the appropriate bidders list(s).  You will then start to receive requests for bids and quotations for items that you indicated you can supply.  Please respond to all written bids and quotes with a price offer or, if you are not interested, a "no bid".  Answering our correspondence will ensure that you remain on our bidder's list.  When a vendor does not respond to 3 inquiries, the vendor may be removed from the bidder's list.

Small Business MBE/WBE

The City of Buffalo buys from both large and small vendors, and by law, awards all purchase contracts to the lowest responsible bidder.  We welcome minority and women owned businesses as vendors.

Get to Know Us

Purchasing welcomes vendor contacts. Purchasing is particularly interested in keeping abreast of current products and services. We maintain a file of catalogs, product literature and price listings and welcome updates and new information. 

Purchasing's general phone number, 716-851-5222, can assist you with finding the buyer of your commodity.

We believe that an open, competitive atmosphere is most beneficial to both buyer and seller, and it is our policy to foster this environment.

Our Process

Business is conducted by informal and formal bid. Informal bids request quotations for goods and services with a projected cost of under $20,000.  Informal bids are done as requested to meet the ordering departments needs.

Formal Bids request quotations for goods and services with a projected cost of over $20,000. Formal bids are advertised in The Buffalo News legal/public notice section. Formal bids can be downloaded from the Internet by accessing the online Bid Retrieval section.

Purchase orders are a contract between a vendor and the City of Buffalo for specified goods and services. No merchandise should be shipped nor any service performed without an authorized purchase order. In the case of telephone orders, a purchase order number is given. Purchase order numbers must appear on all shipments, delivery slips, and invoices. Orders are understood to be shipped FOB destination unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order.

Buy Local Initiative

In conjunction with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, we support the "Buy Local Initiative Program". Whenever possible while still choosing the lowest responsible bidders and without compromising price or quality, the City of Buffalo is committed to buying from local vendors.

Freedom of Information Act

The Division of Purchase has a Freedom of Information clerk that will provide vendors with bid results. Vendors must request bid results in writing. Mailed or faxed requests are honored. Please include the Bid number and mail-to address.