Department of Public Works Campus and Resiliency Center RFP Questions and Answers

Responses to the City of Buffalo Public Works Campus and Resiliency Center RFP are due Monday, April 24, 2023 at 5:00 pm EST

Question: The fire training tower was included in the RFQ. Will this no longer be an included component of the Consolidated DPW campus?

Answer: The Fire tower is no longer included as a component for the Consolidated DPW Campus.

Question: Is there a preferred structure the City of Buffalo is considering as part of the RFP review; Lease-purchase, Lease-Leaseback, or P3?

Answer: The City has not established a preferred structure at this time.

Question: Can the Mayor’s Impact Team be combined with another division/building or should it be proposed as a standalone facility?

Answer: The City did not establish any requirements for how the facilities should be laid out.  See page 4 of RFP: "Respondents shall consult  these  current  uses  and contemplate  in  their  proposals  how  such  uses  can  be  laid-out,  located,  connected,  combined, oriented, and configured as part of their proposal for the new Campus.”