Administration, Finance, Policy & Urban Affairs

Description of Services

Administration, Finance, Policy & Urban Affairs is responsible for the resources and expenditures of the City of Buffalo. The office develops and administers the annual budget for the City’s General Fund, Board of Parking, Garbage / Recycling Enterprise Fund, Capital Projects, Water Board, Water Enterprise Fund and Water Authority. Quarterly fiscal analysis is created to inform and prepare recommendations to elected officials and constituents of the City. This information is incorporated into future year fiscal operations.

Also under this Department are the Divisions of Treasury and Collections, Purchasing, Inventory and Stores, Print Shop and Legislative Affairs.

Department Objectives

  • Perform financial analysis and recommendations of City of Buffalo projects and operations
  • Keep abreast of State and Federal regulations affecting the City of Buffalo and its finances
  • Study methods and operations in order to improve efficiency, quality and effectiveness
  • Represent the Mayor in fiscal matters with local, state and federal governments
  • The Division of Purchase is the City of Buffalo's central purchasing agent for supplies, materials, equipment, insurance and contracts for service. Purchasing secures goods and services from the lowest responsible bidder on the basis of price, specifications, product evaluation, and delivery
  • Accurately receive, receipt and deposit all monies for the City of Buffalo; act as a trustee for Trust and Agency accounts
  • Oversee the Collections Division in the preparation of financial statements, evaluations and reports on persons or organizations indebted to the City of Buffalo
  • Provide citywide printing services in a timely manner