Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations

New York State has recently adopted a plan to phase out sales of gas- and diesel-powered cars and light trucks by 2035. Zero Emission vehicles (ZEV), such as Electric Vehicle (EV) will be the standard for consumers moving forward.

As such, charging stations will become more necessary as the amount of Electric Vehicles increases throughout NYS.

The City of Buffalo currently has 11 EV charging stations, able to charge 22 vehicles simultaneously. These chargers are located in the City ramps, please check out https://bcarparking.com/ for more information about the location of those ramps.

The City is in the process of increasing both the amount of charging ports and well as the efficiency of the ports.

However, we understand that with the changes to vehicle sales and EV policies, the amount of charging infrastructure needs to be increased City-wide.

That said, the City of Buffalo is interested in improving both the on- and off-street charging capabilities in ways that benefit as many as possible. The City would like to work with the residents to create a EV policy that works for everyone, and to do that we’d love your feedback and thoughts!

Below is a link to a survey, please fill it out and include any thoughts or comments you think we should consider!