City of Buffalo 2023-2027 Four-Year Strategic Plan

City of Buffalo 2023-2027 Four-Year Strategic Plan



What is the Four-Year Strategic Plan?

As stated in the City of Buffalo charter, the Four-Year Strategic Plan must articulate strategic priorities for the city, clear goals, and the identified actions to achieve each priority. The Plan also includes an overview of Buffalo's progress, recognitions and awards, and a summary of the strengths and challenges facing the city. The Office of Strategic Planning is responsible for preparing such plan through coordination of various city departments and agencies. 

The City of Buffalo 2023-2027 Four-Year Strategic Plan will serve as a roadmap for the City of Buffalo to achieve it's strategic priorities and goals over the next four years, and will position Buffalo's diverse communities and neighborhoods for economic prosperity for years to come.

Moving forward with our Strategic Priorities & Goals

The City of Buffalo Four-Year Strategic Plan consists of 4 priorities, 18 goals, and numerous actions framed by equity to advance us in improving the quality of life across our great City. From community input received from several planning initiatives including Envision Neighborhoods and the continued engagement of our residents through the City's Division of Citizen Services and Department of Community Services and Recreational Programming.

The Plan is centered around four strategic priorities, which are provided below (Each item is linked to a PDF which includes associated goals and actions steps).

Corresponding goals and actions will be achieved through coordination across City departments, agencies, and our local, state, and federal partners.  In addition, Mayor Brown is committed to continually improve communications and to advance equity across our City as each of the following strategic priorities, goals, and actions overlap and work towards our common, shared future.

Progress and Milestones in the Planning Process

  • March through July - Community engagement and understanding
  • July through August - Analysis and plan drafting
  • August - City department and agency coordination meetings
  • September 1st - Submission of the Draft Plan to the Citizen Planning Council (CPC)
  • September 15th & 29th - CPC public hearings, review, and recommendations on Draft Plan
  • October 7th - Submission of Draft Plan and CPC recommendations to Common Council
  • November 22nd - Common Council Public Hearing on Draft Plan, Finance Committee 10:00AM
  • December 15th - Common Council submission of Draft Plan recommendations to Mayor
  • December 31st - Deadline to file complete Plan, pending Mayoral review and recommendations