Tree Planting Initiative

Tree Planting Initiative 

This tree planting initiative is created to eradicate the public health crisis that crime is by using data to identify neighborhoods within the city limits that have higher levels of violence and offenses. 

Trees have the capability to effect areas beyond the scope of the physical design and make up of a community. According to aggregated data from other cities in the United States, increasing vegetation by ten percent (10%) leads to a twelve percent (12%) decrease in crimes. Trees do not only make a neighborhood a more desirable place to live by adding to the beautification of the overall community, but they can also improve air quality by as much as fifteen percent (15%). 

The areas that this initiative is targeting is based on Erie Crime Analysis Center Police crime data from 2009 to 2021 that shows patterns of high levels of violence and crimes. So as result we are looking to plant trees three days from April 28th, 29th and 30th as a way to deter violence in these areas. We are looking for volunteers to assist with planting and volunteers to assist with delivering trees. 

If interested please fill this survey out below to register for a community tree to be requested in your neighborhood. 

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