Community Engagement


Throughout this project, the Riverside and Black Rock neighborhood will be our partners in envisioning their connected future. Through this community engagement process, our team seeks to place the power to affect the physical design of the key streets and trails into the hands of the community. The project team will ensure that the outreach process is inclusive of all residents and stakeholders – regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, or any other factor – to provide the framework for future project investments. In addition, the team will ensure all engagement activities follow NYS and CDC COVID-19 safety regulations and protocols. The complete Community Engagement Plan document provides general guidelines for community engagement on this project.


Stakeholder Advisory Group Members

The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is comprised of members of the local community that have been actively involved and engaged in the planning for the Riverside and Black Rock neighborhoods. Their responsibilities include providing critical input and reviewing key decision documents and materials before public meetings. A list of stakeholders is provided below with contact information provided in the Community Engagement Plan.

Mary Ann Kedron + Anne McCooey, Black Rock Riverside Alliance (BRRAlliance)

Evelyn Vosser, Rediscover Riverside

Margaret Szczepaniec, St. Florian/Pavonia Block Club, Black Rock

James Wangelin, Grant Amherst Business Association

Laura Barnum, Buffalo State College, Finance & Management

 Amy Weymouth, Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transp. Council (GBNRTC)

James Morrell, Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA)

Nadine Marrero, Bridges Development, Inc.

Sarah Gatti, Erie County Planning

Representative, CSX Transportation

Council Member Golombek, City of Buffalo

Comm. Mike Finn + Nolan Skipper, City of Buffalo Dept. of Public Works

Deputy Comm. Andy Rabb, City of Buffalo Parks and Recreation

Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting #1
Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting #2