River Rock Connections


Imagine a reconnected River Rock. A community defined by a multi-modal transportation network that connects residents to places that make River Rock special – its parks, waterfront spaces, historic neighborhoods and commercial districts, and other amenities. A community that is engaged and given the full opportunity to experience and enjoy the future investments this effort will create.

Project Background and Purpose

The City of Buffalo has made significant advances in planning and community investment. Since the Comprehensive Plan, Queen City in the 21st Century, the City has adopted a Unified Development Ordinance, LWRP, Complete Streets Policy, TDM Policy, numerous neighborhood planning efforts, and has made significant investments in complete streets, waterfront parks, affordable and market-rate housing, schools, playgrounds, and infrastructure. These planning efforts and public investments have helped facilitate and guide new private investments across the city which is having a positive effect on quality of life, housing, and employment.

To continue and support this renewed spirit, the city is focusing on improving multi-modal connections in the Riverside and Black Rock Neighborhoods. These connections will provide opportunities for residents to travel within and around the neighborhood, including for recreational purposes. Improvements to pedestrian, bicycle, and micro-mobility infrastructure will provides access within and to the waterfront to overcome the caps in connectivity that currently exist and inhibit the full potential of existing urban and natural assets.