2969-2971 Bailey Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Questions and Answers

Questions and inquiries will be accepted from all interested parties until Friday, July 30, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. EST. No responses will be provided for questions and inquiries received after this time. Answers to questions will be provided by Monday, August 2, 2021 at 5:00 pm EST. All questions from interested parties will be posted to this webpage.

Question 1: What is the involvement of the Hamlin Park Taxpayers Association in this project as referred to in the RFQ? This project isn’t in the Hamlin Park neighborhood.

Answer: This was a grammatical error in the RFQ, meant for our 725 Humboldt RFQ. We are still asking individuals to detail experience working with community groups and public or private partners.

Question 2: Are HOME and CDBG funds guaranteed to the developer awarded this project? How will HOME and CDBG funds flow? During construction or at permanent financing?

Answer: No, neither HOME, nor CDBG are guaranteed to the developer awarded this project. Both HOME and CDBG are administered by the City and BURA as reimbursement sources and may be accessed after closing.

Question 3: What are the affordability guidelines? Length of affordability period, etc? Are there any guidelines for affordability related to the commercial units?

Affordability guidelines are dependent on the funding source being used. HOME and CDBG typically carry periods of affordability between five and thirty years for residential projects; this is dependent upon the amount of HOME or CDBG invested in each unit. HOME can be used for residential only.

Question 4: Will the $2000 DDA fee be waived for nonprofits?

Per the Designated Developer Policy, made effective December 2020 the Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning, Division of Real Estate, may accept from the designated developer in-kind maintenance and/or other services related to the real property in lieu of a reduced payment of the fee will be based upon the Division of Real Estate's discretion. This would apply towards Non-profit organizations as well.

Question 5: Whom should we schedule an appointment with to tour the property prior to the submission deadline?

Yes, the Division of Real Estate is available for site visits of 2969-2971 Bailey. Please contact Reginald "Moe" Terry at (716) 225-9604.