Stand Up Buffalo

Supporting Residents and Businesses During and After COVID-19standupbuffalo image

The City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA) is excited to launch the “STAND UP Buffalo” Initiative. This initiative is comprised of a series of direct assistance grants and programs that will help alleviate the impacts the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused for Buffalo and cities across the nation.

The City of Buffalo received funding from the CARES Act and additional sources to fund the STAND UP Buffalo programs.

Addressing the Need

BURA has been tracking the impacts of the pandemic on our residents and businesses since April 2020 in an effort to provide the city with useful data and observations. This data helps to identify areas in the city where residents are facing the greatest impacts from COVID-19 and to develop, target, and implement programs designed to address those needs.

Broadband and Internet Access and Adoption Survey

Broadband and Internet Access and Adoption Survey, in efforts to assist resident and business access to affordable connectivity services. The survey is part of a larger study on broadband and internet infrastructure, access, and adoption in the City. The survey can be accessed at The study is part of the City of Buffalo’s Urban Renewal Agency’s STAND UP Buffalo Initiative, a series of direct assistance grants and programs that respond to the unique challenges brought on by the global Coronavirus Pandemic.