Permits & Inspections Data Resources

This inventory provides a comprehensive list of datasets made available by the City of Buffalo Department of Permit & Inspection Services. This inventory also identifies datasets which may be under active development, or datasets which are not currently available but have been identified for future development. For more information about the City of Buffalo's open data initiative, visit or contact

This introductory Open Data Guide pdf demonstrates the basic functions of datasets in the Open Data Portal and provides a description of the data in each column of the Code Violations & Rental Registry datasets.

Additional resources will be added as they are made available on the Open Data Portal.

Data Set
Description Link
Administrative Adjudication Quality Of Life Summonses
This dataset includes summonses for municipal code violations that affect the quality of life of residents, such as various street and trash violations, snow violations, noise violations, nuisance party and illegal dumping.   
Business Licenses
A valid license is required to conduct certain businesses within the official limits of the City of Buffalo. This dataset includes all businesses currently licensed with the City of Buffalo.
Multiple Dwelling Certificate of Occupancy
This includes a list of all properties that are classified as multiple dwellings and the details of their certificates, including legal uses, number of units and date of issuance. NOTE: this is not a conclusive list as some files have not be digitized. If you are looking for information on a property not listed, contact Chief Zafuto.
Coming Soon
City Charter
This is online version of the city of buffalo code of laws. The sections that legislate DPIS include (but are NOT limited to) sections 113 (buildings, unsafe),129 (Certificates of Occupancy),137 (Code Enforcement), 175 (Fees), 264 (Rental Dwelling Unit Registration). NOTE: Ecode360 is a 3rd party provider of the city code and as such does not always contain the most recent version of legislation.
Code Violations This dataset includes code violations issued since March 28th, 2016.
Current Assessment Roll This dataset contains information pertaining to the current year's assessed value of properties within the City of Buffalo. 
General Inspections Pursuant to the umbrella of International Codes with New York State modifications and applicable chapters of the City Charter, the Department of Permit & Inspection Services (DPIS) responds to complaints or concerns to determine if properties are in compliance with the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and City ordinances. Appropriate response is taken (i.e. no cause for action, letter of violation, referral to the appropriate agency, etc.) as a result of what the inspector finds at the property.
Green Code Zoning Map The Zoning Map is part of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The UDO codifies the land use policies of the Comprehensive Plan and Buffalo Green Code planning documents.
Historic Local Landmarks This dataset contains historic local landmarks designated by the City of Buffalo Common Council.
Housing Court Cases
This data set includes a majority of the housing court cases written by the department since 2010.
Licensed Contractors
A valid license is required to conduct certain businesses within the official limits of the City of Buffalo. This dataset includes all contractors currently licensed with the City of Buffalo.
NYS Building Codes Building Codes in NYS are set and maintained by the NYS Department of State. It is divided into two major parts, the Uniform Fire Prevention Code & Building Code (Uniform Code) and The Energy Code. The Uniform Code is divided into 8 parts to regulate the various kinds and pieces of buildings. Both the Uniform Code & the Energy Code are enforced by DPIS.
Planning, Zoning, And Historic Preservation Approvals The Division of Planning and Zoning supports and advises the following three regulatory boards: Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Historic Preservation Board. This dataset contains approvals made by the three regulatory boards and Division of Planning staff.
Rental Registry The Rental Registration Program was implemented in January 2005 to help identify problem properties and absentee landlords. It is used to assist code enforcement efforts to improve the quality of life for tenants and neighbors of rental dwellings.
311 Service Requests This is a dataset of 311 service requests for the City of Buffalo from July 2008 - present. The 311 service requests answered by Permits and Inspections are limited to the Housing type.