Mohawk Ramp RFP Questions & Answers

Questions and inquiries will be accepted from all interested parties until Friday, April 2nd, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. No responses will be provided for questions and inquiries received after this time. Questions received from all Respondents will be answered and shared with all Respondents on this webpage by 12:00 pm on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.  

Last Updated Tuesday, February 16th

Question 1: Does the City have an engineer's estimate and plan holder's list available?

Answer: The City does not have an engineer's estimate and cannot share plan holder lists and confidential plan holder information with respect to usage of the parking ramp.

Question 2: How many parking spaces does Mohawk Ramp have?

Answer: Mohawk Ramp currently holds 629 parking spaces.

Question 3: What are Mohawk Ramp's current parking rates?

Answer: See published BCAR parking rates HERE.

Question 4: What are Mohawk Ramp's current operation and utility costs?

Answer: Please reference the following document from Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps Inc. for a full breakdown of operation and utility costs for Mohawk Parking Ramp FY 2017 to 2018, FY 2018 to 2019, and FY 2019 to 2020 HERE.

Question 5: How many existing parking spaces does the City believe need to be replaced to support employees and businesses using the Mohawk Ramp?

Answer: COVID-19 has resulted in temporary changes to parking demand, but it will be important for developers to consider the long-term effects of the pandemic on parking in urban areas. The RFP should consider the existing businesses surrounding the ramp that utilize the ramp and the future needs of businesses in the area, as well as any density added by the developer's project proposal. In addition to parking demand created from businesses and employers, developers should also carefully consider site access demand from housing and other uses in the downtown corridor. Additionally, it is important to consider the Congress of New Urbanism's Future of Mobility Report and the possibility of alternate modes of transportation. The City encourages creativity in the approach to proposals and would be open to discussing various partnership arrangements (e.g. the City manages public parking developed by private owners, etc.)

Question 6: How will the City be financing any assistance granted to the redevelopment of Mohawk Ramp?

Answer: The City can offer the standard suite of financing tools and incentives (e.g. PILOT, PIF & certain infrastructure improvements resulting from a PIF, statutory exemptions, etc.)

Question 7: Does the City have building or structural plans for Mohawk Ramp?

Answer: Structural plans are available upon request. Interested parties are asked to email