Nature Ready

A pair of hands holding a plant in a pile of dirt.

Mayor Brown, in conjunction with Cities Connecting Children with Nature (CCCN), has developed an inventory of existing children’s nature programs. Those programs include things like nature walks, science camps, birding, fishing, shoreline and park clean-ups, recycling, gardening, and tree planting. This valuable information is meant to inform parents and other city residents of the many programs available to them, connect program organizers with potential sponsors and grant opportunities, as well as improve city parks and other spaces to better meet programming needs. (The following organizations appear in alphabetical order.)

  1. Buffalo Animal Adventures
  2. Buffalo Audubon Society
  3. Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens
  4. Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

Buffalo Animal Adventures is a traveling wildlife education organization teaching kids about and promoting awareness of exotic wildlife and their natural environments.

- Lessons on Animal Adaptations, Ecosystems, Food Chains and Food Webs, and More…
- Meet a variety of animals: Birds, Reptiles, Invertebrates, Mammals, etc.

Impact: Our explorers learn: biological aspects of our wildlife, their ecological significance, and the conservation efforts that are in place or lacking that are needed for their survival

Location: 5321 Transit Road
Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Sponsored by: Personal donation, Fee for service
# of children impacted: ~4,000
Free programming offered?: Yes

Phone: (716) 913-6034

  1. Buffalo United Front & Friends of Broderick Park
  2. The Champion Project
  3. The Change Circle
  4. City of Buffalo DPW – Recycling Office

- Family Fishing Day and other volunteer community based activities

Location: Varies
# children impacted: Varies
Frequency: Seasonally
Free programing offered? Yes
Sponsored by: Grants and donations 


  1. Grassroots Gardens
  2. Jes Breathe Block Club Association
  3. NYSDEC Reinstein Woods Environmental Education Center
  4. Police Athletic League of Buffalo, Inc.

Grassroots Gardens is both an urban land trust and facilitator of leased land with over 100 community and school gardens in their network. Their mission is to share knowledge, power, and resources to grow healthy food, heal systemic harm, and strengthen neighborhood connections through community gardens.

Location: 24 Buffalo Public Schools, 3 Buffalo private/charter schools
# children impacted: ~1,500 annually
Frequency: Annually, other
Free programming offered?: Yes
Sponsored by: United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, WNY CEHC

Phone: (716) 783-9653

  1. Tifft Nature Preserve
  2. University District Community Development Association, Inc.
  3. Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo
  4. Western New York Land Conservancy

Tifft Nature Preserve is a 264-acre nature refuge dedicated to conservation and environmental education.

- Hiking, Birdwatching, Fishing, Watercolor, and More…

Location: 1200 Fuhrmann Boulevard
# children impacted: Varies
Frequency: Seasonally
Free programming offered? No
Sponsored by:  State, Federal, and other grants

Phone: (716) 825-6397