Fruit Belt Subsurface Investigation

Project Description

The Fruit Belt neighborhood, bounded by Best Street to the north, Jefferson and Route 33 to the East, Goodell Street to the South, and Michigan Ave to the west, has experienced roadway issues (e.g. pot holes) in recent years. In April of 2019, DPW worked with Buffalo State College Earth Sciences Department to perform a ground penetrating radar (GPR) investigation of “sink holes” and depressions on Peach Street within the Fruit Belt neighborhood. A conclusion that Buffalo State College made was that there was no indication in the data collected that any of the construction in the medical campus caused any of these cave-ins.

DPW completed the next step of the investigation in August of 2020, which included digging of physical test pits to better answer the question "What is causing the pavement problems in the Fruit Belt?" The test pits allowed the City to examine the pavement and pavement sub-base condition, the soils beneath the street, and how utilities are interacting beneath the street. The investigation was intended to inform the City of the root cause of the roadway issues so that planning for the long-term repairs can begin.

DPW is now reviewing the findings of the investigation. If you know of an area that has repeated pot holes in the Fruit Belt, we can still use this information for targeting future repairs, please contact Alex Bullers via email,, or use 311.

Fruit Belt Proposed Test Pit Locations