Buffalo Reform Agenda

The Buffalo Reform Agenda is a community-driven outline for achievable and immediate initiatives the City of Buffalo is committed to taking to shift its law enforcement model to a restorative model that strengthens its ties to the community it is meant to serve. The action steps being announced today are part of an effort to ensure greater transparency, equity and fairness for black residents who live in the City of Buffalo beginning with community-police relations.

View the City of Buffalo's Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Report here


Stop Receipt Form 

Stop receipts will be issued at all traffic stops. This means that a police officer who approaches a stopped vehicle, must immediately tell the resident a reason for the stop and complete a form indicating that reason and the alleged violation observed which is then provided to the driver of the vehicle, onsite.

traffic stop ticket (2)

Equipment Violation "Fix-it" Ticket

Tickets issued for correctable equipment violations or “Fix-It Tickets” issued by the Buffalo Police Department will have a correction period of fourteen days, instead of the 24 hours provided by New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, for the motorist to repair the condition and avoid any penalties or fines.


Appearance Ticket

Buffalo Police officers are directed to issue appearance tickets instead of handcuffing and transporting suspects for low-level offenses unless New York State law mandates an arrest or the individuals present a danger to themselves or others.