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The Love Your Block Program is a partnership between the City of Buffalo and Cities of Service that empowers block clubs and other local community groups to eliminate blight. Through resource development and resident-led projects, the program aims to build relationships that ultimately increase the impact of members within their own communities. 

The Partnership between Cities of Service and the City of Buffalo was established when Cities of Service awarded each winning city $25,000 to be used for mini-grants and resources to support the efforts of citizen groups and local nonprofits to fight property blight through home repairs, lot transformations, and community cleanups. In addition, two AmeriCorps VISTA members serve in each winning city’s city hall to build capacity and raise awareness. The program is made possible with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

About Cities of ServiceCities of Service is a national nonprofit that supports mayors and city executives in their efforts to engage local communities and residents, identify challenges, and solve problems together. Cities of Service works with cities to build city-led, citizen-powered initiatives that target specific needs, achieve long-term and measurable outcomes, improve the quality of life for residents, and build stronger cities. An independent, nonpartisan organization, Cities of Service was started in 2009 by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Cities of Service provides technical and financial support for citizen engagement in local impact volunteering programs that are designed to improve environmental and social resiliency in low-income communities. 

Love Your Block Mini-Grant Program: Our Mini-Grant Program offers small grants to neighborhood-based organizations in our target areas for volunteer projects that reduce blight. Awarded grants are up to $1,500 and can cover projects from lighting vacant lots, to painting murals, or planting a community garden. 

Community Response Fund: In response to the COVID-19, the LYB Community Response Fund was launched. The LYB Community Response Fund aided community groups in their efforts to combat COVID-19. Love Your Block looked to fund projects that made a difference in people's lives through the pandemic. Funding requests were up to $500.


Contact the Love Your Block team: 
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Buffalo Love Your Block 
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