Christopher P. Scanlon


President Pro Tempore Christopher P. Scanlon represents the South District. Since taking office, he has worked to combat vacant housing issues and absentee landlords, cosponsoring the resolution requesting New York State to allow the City of Buffalo to attach housing violation fines and fees to tax bills, a tool needed to hold absentee property owners accountable. In 2018, the bill was adopted by the NYS Legislature.

Scanlon provides support to small businesses that are an asset to our city, while also sponsoring legislation inflicting stiffer punishments on businesses that operate illegally.

Prioritizing the safety and well-being of the residents of Buffalo above all else, Scanlon has continuously fought to ensure our police and fire departments are properly trained, staffed, and equipped and that our emergency service provider is performing at a satisfactory rate.  

Passionate about the neighborhood he was raised in, Scanlon resides in South Buffalo with his wife Katie, son Thomas, and daughter Adelaide.


Christopher P. Scanlon
Council President Pro Tempore
South District
65 Niagara Sq., Rm. 1401
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 851 – 5169

District Office Staff

Margaret Sperber
Senior Legislative Assistant

Rachel Reid
Legislative Assistant

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South District, Intern