Main St, Humboldt Ave, Kensington Ave Intersection

Project Description:

This project aims to implement crash mitigating improvements at the intersection of Main St, Humboldt Pkwy, and Kensington Ave. Notable proposed improvements include:

  • The installation of new traffic signals at two intersections on Kensington Ave at Humboldt Pkwy, which are currently stop-sign controlled.
  • Improved signal timing, detection and coordination at new and existing signals.
  • Modifications to existing vehicular lane configurations.
  • Improved pedestrian access through the intersection, including enhanced crosswalks, pedestrian signals with audible push-buttons and countdown timers, and wheelchair-accessible curb ramps.

Click here for an overview of the proposed striping.

Current Project Status: In Design

Project Process - Design

Next Steps:

The design will be finalized after public input, then the project will be bid for construction. Construction work is anticipated to start in Summer 2021.

Project Questions?

E-mail or call (716) 851-5636.

Main-Humboldt-Kensington Striping Overview

Public Meeting Materials:

Navigate through the slides below to learn more about the project. These slides were presented at the virtual public information meeting on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

Click here for a higher resolution version of the presentation meeting slides.

Main-Humboldt-Kensington_2021-01-20 Public Meeting Presentation_Page_01