Assessment Equity Project 2020

The City of Buffalo is committed to providing fair and equitable assessments in each annual Assessment Roll so that property owners pay only their fair share of property taxes. The last city-wide assessment revaluation took place in 2001. The Common Council approved the Department of Assessment and Taxation’s request to perform a full City-Wide Revaluation for the 2020 Assessment Roll which will be finalized on March 1, 2020. The City has contracted with ENPM (Contractor), Inc. to assist the City on this project.

Accurate property inventory/information is vital to an equitable assessment. Commencing in 2016 and continuing today, the Contractor has been reviewing and collecting information on your property. This information on your property is now available on the City Website for you to review (click here). We ask that you confirm the information on your property and make any changes in the areas provided. This updated information will enable us to compare and review the market values of all of the properties in our community and then based on the current real estate market, determine fair and equitable assessments.

Please contact with any project questions.