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Virtual Traffic Court

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  2. Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency Virtual Traffic Court

    The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency and Buffalo Traffic Court is pleased to offer Virtual Hearings and Pre-Trial Conferences. If you have an upcoming pre-trial conference, hearing, or trial, we encourage you to participate remotely over video/audio conferencing software.

  3. ***NOT FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS. All Motions must be submitted in writing and will be scheduled by the Court.

    • You will need to have access to a video and audio enabled device, (laptop, smartphone, etc.) 
    • A link and an access code with be sent to the email you provide below to access the meeting. 
    • Proceedings can be accessed using your browser, or via Cisco WebEx Meetings apps.

  5. *This virtual option is offered only for scheduled pre-trial conferences, hearings & trials. **If you have a new ticket or need to resolve a license suspension, please email

    The City of Buffalo is not responsible for any data/internet charges incurred. 

    Cisco Webex Meetings is not affiliated with the City of Buffalo.

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    This form is to be used only for pre-trial conferences, hearings and trials. Select Only One

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